Activities before Bed - 21 Jump Street, Doug/Tom

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Activities before Bed
pairing - Doug/Tom
rating - NC17
Warnings - BDSM, cum control, milking (all consensual)
Disclaimer - 21 JS does not belong to me, nor does it's characters. I make no money off this.
Summary - Doug likes having Tom tied up and at his mercy, tonight is no exception. (and Tom likes it too.)

A/N - This is actually based off a Cabin Pressure fic where Martin couldn't cum from anal penetration at all and that in turn had Douglas milking Martin dry by penetration. I'm not sure if this is good or not. It's my first full smutt fic in a long time so it may be crass in places. And I've overused the words dick/cock but since Shmeckle just didn't Anyway, I would love any reviews or anything anyone has to say on this. :)

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I don't know if anyone is around in this fandom anymore, but I just made a new Tumblr blog dedicated to posting 21 Jump Street gifs. So... if you still want a dash of 21JS in your life and you have Tumblr, go follow! :)
(21JS) Penson - blooper kiss

Blooper gifs

I made these out of boredom earlier. Mainly as response gifs for Tumblr or something. Thought I'd share. Enjoy!

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If you have any 21JS gif requests, let me know. I don't have my first season DVDs right now, though, so I can only do stuff from seasons 2-5, or something from "Booker" even.
the dead will walk


Title: untitled
tom and doug (no pairing)
"yeah. jesus christ doug, what the hell happened out there?"
"some kinda disease, maybe... i don't know... and i hate to say what i think it is."

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Hi people!

New and curious community member here with a few questions. I don't mean to presume anything, but I hope you'll take the time to answer some of them.

Um... admittedly, at the moment, the fandom I'm obsessed with is more "Due South" (you know, the one with the crazy Mountie and the crazy Chicago cop).

"21 Jump Street" is another show of my childhood that I barely remember anymore. All I remember is the McLaine? McQuaid? brothers and the episode where Johnny Depp's character lost it over 3.3 seconds. (Yes, I remember the exact time, I was a kid, it made an impression. Besides, I'm an Austrian, the show ran in the mid/late nineties here.)

But while googling something else, I found out ffnet has a "21 Jump Street" category, browsed it out of pure curiosity, found a few of good stories. (Only a handful, alas. Why do some people think grammar and spelling are optional?)

So now I'm wondering:

1) Does anyone know if there is a site to watch a few episodes to refresh my memory of the series? (I'm sure I have a few episodes on VCR, but going through my old VCR collection would be a bitch at the moment.)

2) Is this all there is to the fandom? The ffnet category and this community? Or is there a central archive for fanfiction? (You know, the way say, Due South has "" and "" or Stargate Atlantis has "" if anybody knows those?)

If not, would anybody care to help me put together a masterlist with links to any and all fanfics in this fandom? Even if only by helping get together those links? A masterlist that we could perhaps have here in this community? (What say you to this, mods?) Or something along those lines? (If all else fails, if I get together enough links, I was thinking about at least a delicious account for them - I'm as stubborn as I'm curious.)

Or is the fandom dying out anyway and this all would be too much bother?

Because among the stories I found on ffnet were the ones written by the "vicodin-vixens": "Don't Go Changing", "Green Eyed Monster", "Everybody Knows" - those were hilarious as hell, even if I have no idea how in character those were, I fell in love with the banter in those stories, and would love to read more like those.

3) What are the right keywords to search with anyway? Because I seem incapable of finding *anything* worthwhile about this show on google, not even a decent episode guide. *sigh*

Like I said, I'm just curious, and if I in any way managed to insult somebody, sorry. Otherwise, thanks in advance for any and all help :)
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Hey gang,
I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some McQuaid-based fanfic. Their episodes might just be my favorite, and I'm really craving some (preferably Doug/Tom slash) fic to go along with them.

I remember reading one ages ago where a teacher walks in on Tommy and Doug makin' out, and simply asks, "brothers?" To which they reply, "we're close." The RENT fan in me jumped up and down a little.


Anyone wanna help a sister out?
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ohhhh tom and doug. :)

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Title: Roles Reversed
Pairing/Character/Etc: Tom, Doug (not slash, but if it makes you feel better...)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: jock-straps lol.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but my 21 Jump Street wall-of-fame is right here. -points to the left-
Notes: I feel like this fandom is dying, I'm determined not to let it. Pointless, really, just trying to get a feel for the fandom again. Dialogue-fic. Essentially no plot. Okay? Okay. No beta. Any mistakes are my own.
Word Count: 413

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